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Will my insurance cover my visit?

Unfortunately, insurance companies don't generally recognize the unique aspects of Functional and Longevity Medicine. My visits are broken into 30 and 60 minute blocks not the typical 10 or 15 minute block in most practices. I also devote a significant amount of time outside of appointments to review all aspects of your history and testing and insurance will not adequately reimburse for my time and expertise. In an effort to expand the number of patients that can access this level of care, I can accept a limited number of patients and bill insurance for their services. Patients who wish to pay for my services will always have access to appointments.

What about lab testing?

Blood work may be covered by your insurance at the same level as when ordered by your regular physician. I can provide you with comprehensive CPT and ICD-10 codes to submit to your insurance for a cost analysis. I can also offer lab testing at a deep discount with up-front payment. Functional and Longevity Medicine labs offer many specialized tests that may not be recognized by your insurance. The costs will be itemized for you, and you will decide which tests you want to proceed with. You will be expected to pay prior to performing the tests. I will discuss the rationale for each test, and you will always make the final decision. There will be financing options for most of the tests.

How do I pay?

You will be expected to have an electronic payment source on file prior to being seen or performing any specialized testing. All charges will be negotiated up front, and you will approve all charges prior the service being rendered. You should never receive a bill from me.

Will you be my primary physician?

No, I am functioning solely as a consultative resource. I will perform a comprehensive assessment and provide you with a collection of recommendations and caveats. I will communicate with your primary provider, if you wish, and assist you with implementing the recommendations. I will also assist you, as needed, in monitoring your progress and adjusting your treatment as time goes on.

Do you see children?

Although the principals of Functional and Longevity Medicine apply equally well to children my training is only in Adult Medicine and my practice is limited to individuals 18 and older.

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