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A unique approach to a healthier you

Every person is a unique combination of genetics, epigenetics, exposures and lifestyles. Our bodies at their core are healthy and well balanced. Over time due to various exposures and individual susceptibilities our bodies can become unbalanced, and disease will begin to develop. It can take 20 years or more for these imbalances to evolve into signs and symptoms that are diagnosed by conventional medicine as disease. Long before this you will feel that something is not right, but these underlying issues are never uncovered. Through a program of comprehensive evaluation and directed modification of the underlying factors that are driving these imbalances I can help you delay or prevent these processes from developing into diagnosable disease. This approach can benefit people of any age but can have its greatest impact if begun prior to the development of overt disease.

 Each person also has their own susceptibilities, exposures, goals and limitations that will ultimately determine their outcomes. My approach is to begin with a detailed health, diet, and lifestyle history. We will examine this information through each of the lenses of Conventional, Functional, and Longevity Medicine and present you with a series of options for further evaluation. I have access to a wide variety of innovative and cutting-edge testing that will enable us to uncover your underlying imbalances and allow us to together formulate a dynamic and comprehensive treatment plan. This can span from a simple program focusing on diet and lifestyle interventions to targeted supplements to more advanced and innovative medicinal treatments. Each step of the way I will advise you on the rationale of each test or treatment and you will decide on how you would like to proceed. This may sound similar to what you have experienced in the past, but I can guarantee that you will find my approach novel and exciting. This will be a new adventure and you will find it to be enlightening and invigorating.

I always try to be as transparent as possible about costs. Most of the tests I recommend are extremely informative and valuable but unfortunately are often not covered by conventional insurance. I try to keep these costs as low as possible and provide you with discounts I have access to. All of your costs will be disclosed up front and you will be expected to pay prior to any tests being performed. I can accept credit card, debit card, bank transfer, HSA/FSA and there are some financing options available for more expensive testing. I can help you with any forms if you would like to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If this is beyond your means, then this approach may not be for you. If you can, I think you will find it to be the best value of your life. I look for risks and markers of disease 10 to 20 years in advance of when they are typically diagnosed. Addressing these issues can reverse or prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's and cancer from ever developing. What is the value of an extra 10 or more years of life without chronic disease, pain, and disability? This may sound hard to believe, but it is totally achievable now, and with the pace of innovation in the Longevity field, a conservative expectation.

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