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Combining the best of Conventional Medicine, Functional Medicine and Longevity Medicine

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Conventional Medicine

Conventional Medicine sees health through a disease lens. This can be lifesaving in circumstances such as pneumonia or a ruptured appendix, but it can be short sighted in chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's. Provider visits are problem focused and stress treating symptoms rather than the underlying cause. This results in visits with multiple different doctors and many tests and medications but rarely a resolution of the underlying disease.

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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine sees health through an ancestral lens. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to thrive in a hunter gatherer lifestyle. This included a predominantly plant-based diet with frequent stressors such as intense physical activity and long periods without access to enough food. Modern society has progressively moved to make our lives less physically demanding and our diets more plentiful and high in sugar and processed nutrient poor foods. This has resulted in a dramatic rise in chronic stress, chronic inflammation and chronic disease.

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Longevity Medicine

Longevity Medicine sees health through a cellular lens. It focuses on pathways that are key to life and vitality but deteriorate over time contributing to what we see as aging. It builds on the foundation of Functional Medicine and attempts to slow or reverse these core processes through behavioral, nutritional, supplemental, and medicinal interventions. The goal is to lengthen lifespan but more importantly to extend health span which is life without the burdens of chronic disease and debility.

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